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Jack Bush Variations

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"It seems that I have 3 worlds. This home – where we have no trouble much, active, working, building – living. We all seem to love it. But it all depends on the commercial studio work – which seems dead – no future and a shove. And I love it too – but I don’t seem to stay there much. ... Then the painting world.* More and more this becomes absorbing. I find it difficult to relate these 3 worlds. Maybe, tho’, like the areas in a painting – they are complete entities in themselves – but related by the space separating them?… *This crazy, fascinating, fantastic world of make believe, I don’t understand it. Is it real? In one way it is – but I keep trying to back out of it. No I don’t, I keep pushing deeper in."

Jack Bush, diary (9 August 1957)

I decided to make some variations from Jack Bush's works, namely from Big A, done in November 1968.

Maciek Peter Kozlowski (2 January, 2014)


Jack Bush Jack Bush Variations Maciek Kozlowski Maciek Peter Kozlowski

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