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"Monica Dreaming with her Spirit Animals"

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Last fall I worked on some new innovations in the studio. This painting and its sister painting are the results. 

Here are some insights from the creation of "Monica Dreaming with her Spirit Animals".

"Monica Dreaming with her Spirit Animals"

The time of slumber often calls for reclining on the couch. The animals that co-habit with Monica are immediately present and they assume their positions. As slumber slides into sleep the other group of animals, the spirit animals and the dream animals become visible to Monica. In this dream she is visited by the orange greyhound lying on the top of the couch with her hind leg extending down the backrest. The greyhound is back to back with a smiling blue whale and the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson. Moving left and down there is a man's head in profile looking towards the left, and below a snake charmer. There are many more smaller spirit animals in this state of slumber.

"Monica Dreaming with her Spirit Animals" and Sophie.

The greyhound.

Hunter S. Thompson character.

Bearded head and snake charmer.

This piece was done in a suspended horizontal position with the paint poured on to the canvas directly. The paint was manipulated by lifting and lowering the edge of the painting and allowing the paint to flow. This is a 40" by 72" piece so the amount of paint that needed to be managed was considerable.

Horizontal suspension rig.

Barn hayloft studio.

Drying piece in the suspension rig.

"Monica Dreaming with her Spirit Animals" is done in acrylic on canvas, 40" by 72" by 1.5", 2016. Unframed with black painted 1.5" thick sides. Ready for hanging or can be framed.

A sister piece, "The Man, the Shark, the Lady with the Large Hat, and the Green Boy" (sold) can be seen here
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