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Paintings Bringing Joy To New Owners

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Thank you all for coming to the 2017 Trillium Stdio Tour. We had a great time.

Many pieces are now bringing Joy to their new owners. That is what it's all about. It gives me great pleasure when new owners really enjoy their pieces.

Here is a quick look at the pieces the new owners took home.

If you couldn't make it to the show but you like a piece on the website,contact me through the website. As an Artist Method member you get the HUGE sale discount of the Trillium tour until December 24, 2017.

I warmly invite you to have a look at the tour video.

Just a quick note from experience in this gift giving season. If you are thinking of giving an art piece as  gift, that's terrific, but please check with your recipient if they really like the piece. Your taste and best intentions may not be spot on. That may create awkward moments as I once found out. 




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