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Abstract Landscapes

The Abstract Landscapes are inspired by the Canadian Arctic, Nunavut, as seen in the fall. They represent a landscape as both a hopeful destination on the far horizon and a considerable journey to get there.

The far Canadian north is a magical place. Particularly to infrequent visitors. It is the lead character of this collection. Northern mountains, sky, water, light, and ice are explored and formed into geometric compositions.

Sometimes it's a narrow path and a cliff on our way to brighter horizons. This theme is depicted in "Glimpse II", "Night Time Flood Lights", and "Mountains and Spring III".

"Chasing Lawren Harris" is inspired by the paintings of Lawren Harris of the Canadian North. "Mountains and Spring III" is continuing the inspiration but choosing more abstraction in the view. We can see the landscape imagery, but there is more to discover.

The root imagery and colour palette in "Abstract View IV" and "Northern Still Life" is the Canadian far North, Frobisher Bay in Nunavut. The composition is angular where mountains, water, and sky are present.

"Red Mountain" and "Coloured Mountain" are beautiful abstracts of mountains, sky, and water at sunset. 

"Birdman" is a fun character exploration complete with magical running shoes that allow one to walk on water.

All the pieces are mixed media on aluminum panel with acrylic resin. They look like glass. 15” by 15” with custom Espresso floating frame. Overall dimension 21.5" by 21.5"