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"Riley my Boston Terrier"

We had the distinction of sharing our lives with Riley and Sarah. Riley was a rescue Boston Terrier that my daughter Kelly found at the Humane Society. Riley had his issues. He hated being left in a car. He would bark like a mad dog and claw at the window. He liked to taste anybody that came to the house with a friendly nip. He went beserk when the door bell rang, and he inhaled his food. He was not the bravest at the vet's but he could swim for miles. He once chased a beaver around our bay at the lake for hours. He would jump into the water off the dock. He was the sweetest most compassionate lovable little dog you could ever meet. He loved to cuddle with family members. His tail was crooked which gave him more character.

Acrylic on canvas painting, 4.75" by 4.75" in 10" by 10" white frame with white matte. Done in 2015/16.