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Red Trillium Studio Tour 2016: Poppies

We are proud to show a number of the very popular Poppy paintings at the Red Trillium Studio Tour.

The Poppies collection is about hope and joy.   Hope in each other and humankind.  The poppies are depicted in flowing movement while grounded in the earth.  They represent us undertaking day to day activities.  The delicate flowing movement of the poppies represent transformation to hope.  

We live in a increasingly complex world. And the speed of information and change is accelerating. The pieces "Brexit: Poppies at Dawn of a New Age", and "Wave of Change" are about hope in times of inevitable change. A "Family Travelling a Long Way from Home" is meant to illustrate courage and hope for a better life. 

Other paintings are about things that we enjoy, like sunny days on the beach, family and friends as illustrated in the paintings "Poppy Family and Friends at the Beach",  and "Family Travelling a Long Way from Home"

 Click on each image for larger picture and descriptions.