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King Henry the VIII's Dream

One day King Henry the VIII was watching TSN in his man cave.

You know, jousting, archery, and hammer throwing. And commercials for the next great Costco feast.

Boring stuff.

He was sipping wine and soon enough he drifted off to sleep.

King Henry the VIII had a dream.

He dreamt he was riding on top of the water on a longboard. Naturally he was wearing his royal red cape, the one trimmed with white fur. His long beard was blowing in the wind. He was riding a big wave.

Everyone was watching from the shore.

Anne Boleyn was watching him.

And so was Death.

That woke up King Henry the VIII with a jolt of determination.

The next day he instructed his courtiers to organize his new sport.

And that, my friends, is how wake boarding was invented.

Mixed Media on aluminum panel abstract, 16" by 16", done in 2014. Lacquered with clear acrylic finish. Looks like thick glass with rounded edges. Ready for hanging without a frame.