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Summer Poppies, Inevitable Change

The "Summer Poppies, Inevitable Change" collection is about hope and joy.  Hope in each other and humankind.  

This collection features groups of poppies that acquire human characteristics and emotions. From "Family Gathering" to "Once Upon a Time" these magical plant forms become human familiar characters. Aunts, uncles and friends, getting lost in their own worlds just as we do.

The image of the poppy perfectly represents the harmonious contradictions in life. A symbol of hope, remembrance, pain, and pleasure in an ever-changing world. The poppies are depicted in flowing movement, moving in the wind, while grounded in the earth.  They represent us. Us undertaking day to day activities.  The delicate flowing movement of the poppies, back and forth in the wind, represent tethered adherence to our ways and a desire and transformation to hope.  

The pieces "Brexit: Poppies at Dawn of a New Age", and "Wave of Change" are about hope in times of inevitable change, the uncertainty that change brings, and our reaction to it. A "Family Travelling a Long Way from Home" is meant to illustrate courage to journey to a better life against all ods. 

Other paintings are about sunny days on the beach with family and friends as illustrated in the painting "Poppy Family and Friends at the Beach".

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