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Maciek Peter Kozlowski

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Artist of the year in the U.K. at artistsinfo.co.uk and multiple award-winning fine artist Maciek (“majik”) Peter Kozlowski has been painting and creating both abstract and minimalist art since 1987. Publishing only a small number of curated works per year in collections, his paintings have been exhibited at a variety of juried art shows, including the Ottawa and Toronto art expos.

Born in Warsaw, Poland and raised in Ottawa where he continues to reside, Maciek’s unique contemporary art currently hangs in private collections in Canada, the US and Europe and he is represented by two galleries in the United Kingdom and the US.

Maciek works with both oil and acrylic on canvas as well as with mixed media, collage, and video. He also creates unique, three-dimensional assembly pieces from vintage found objects.

His work includes abstracts, landscapes, flowers and portraits. Says Maciek, “I like to explore different subject matters, emotions and techniques and share the enjoyment with the people who enjoy my work. In particular, I look to express the human condition and relationships in nonfigurative compositions.”

His popular Poppies Collection, for example, is a series of paintings that depicts human emotions and characteristics through flowers in a whimsical minimalistic landscape. Similarly, his assembly pieces feature vintage industrial objects mounted on painted board to express a singularly human condition or emotion.

Maciek’s abstract portraits usually depict a realistic character trait as fragmented and altered states to show a specific point of view. Conversely, his abstract works are as much about energy as they are about colour and pattern. “I particularly like large abstract works where the creation and the interaction is more direct and intimate,” he says. These distinctive pieces feature bright colours, clean lines and a painting technique known as the “all-over” style. 

Woks are available for sale from the artist.

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See current shows.

Red Trillium Studio Tour, showing June 1, 2, 2019 

The Ottawa New Art Festival June 7, 8, 2019

The Hair Committee, ongoing in 2019

Nepean Fine Art League, two shows per year and an award winning piece in the gallery at the Ben Franklin Centre in Ottawa. Upcoming next show is fall, 2019 at the Ukrainian Centre, 1000 Byron Ave. Ottawa.

Ottawa Art Expo, showed in spring 2016

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition showed in July 2016

Origin Trade,  ongoing, 111 York St. Ottawa features 8 custom Assembly pieces especially made to create Origin's unique atmosphere 

Numerous private collections in Europe, Japan, and U.S.A. and Canada.

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