we bring you joy through art


Each collection represents a unique theme or style with approximately 8-12 pieces.



Groups of poppies acquire human characteristics and emotions in their own world akin to ours in this collection of acrylic paintings on canvas. 

"Abstract Portraits I"

Portraits on aluminum epanel revealing an emotional state.

"City Atmosphere Series"

Mural size abstracts of select cityscapes from Ottawa, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam, Iqaluit, New York, Shanghai, and Vancouver.

"Spring Walk"

Spring inspired colourful abstracts when the air is crisp, the sun is shinning and it is finally warm.

"Spring 2015 Collection"

Extremely well received pieces shown for the first time ever in Ottawa at the Nepean Fine Arts League 2015 spring show.

"Ottawa Series I"

Series of mixed media pieces showing traditional Ottawa cityscapes with overlays symbolizing inherent and invisible characteristics present in the scene but not necessarily visible.

"Toronto Series I"

Mixed media cityscapes of Toronto on aluminum epanel with abstract elements suggesting invisible artifacts like telecommunications.


Mixed media pieces inspired by Oz of Alice in Wonderland.


Mixed media abstract portraits and people in various situations.

"Abstracts IV"

Shapes and spirits in ordinary life. Mixed media abstracts of landscapes, spirits, and people on aluminum epanel.

"Abstracts V"

Abstracts of people in places, and situations in ordinary life with an element of imagination.


"Contemplations Series"

Abstract works about contemplating ideas. Ideas about truth, energy, religion, faith, wealth, cyber war, politics, and humanity. Truth about how we are individually and collectively shaping life. The future.



"Still Life"

Still Life works on aluminum epanel.


Abstract landscapes from travels in Canada.

"Stripe Paintings"

A collection of inspirational abstracts done in vertical or horizontal stripes.