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Discover our collections and experience what you really like. We think of our art objects, as Brian Eno said, “as triggers for experiences”. Each piece is created with an experience in mind.

The pieces range from subtle industrial minimalist assemblies that recall human conditions , to large, bold, colourful abstracts in oil or acrylic that let the emotions soar. Each piece is about stimulating a new emotional awareness and the wonderful enjoyment that brings. Like a good piece of new or familiar music or a new stimulating flavour. If that is something appealing to you in collections of 8-10 pieces, we have it here.

Now this is not for everyone.

No pet pictures, portraits of celebrities, pretty sunsets on the beach, or hyper realistic animals posed in nature. We promise.

We promise that you will find new triggers for happy emotional experiences with these pieces and collections. Every new monthly collection explores a particular subject matter and a set of emotions. It is done in a particular medium and style and there are only 8-10 pieces available.

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