we bring you joy through art


It's about the joy.

The joy you get from looking at a painting that moves you.

The pieces are high quality international award winning contemporary art. Delivered directly to you from the artist.

They are carefully curated in collections of 10 pieces or so. Each collection is different in style, medium, and subject matter and represents a curated body of work.

Be the first to see new collections. The collections are delivered to you through the Artist Method newsletter.

Get to know the artist.

You get behind the scenes looks and insights at works in progress and the issues that drive them. See a body of work develop and influence the emerging collection.

If you like a piece arrange for a video tour. By appointment, see the works over video and speak to the artist about the story each piece is.

You also get discounts on collections, free shipping on selected works, a 30 day money back guarantee, notices of showings, and special offers.

This is not for everybody. You will not receive the same thing every time. You will not receive celebrity portraits or cat pictures. I promise. You will receive a glimpse into my contemporary art world designed to bring you joy.

And this is new. New methods of acquisition, investment and art enjoyment.

The art world is changing and so are we. We will be presenting alternative ways to enjoy art: from $9.99 per month rental pieces, to free digital projects, to highly desirable group investments, and other opportunities.

Subscribe below, stay tuned, and benefit from change.

Yes, we do art differently.