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Soar Into the Air With This New, Interactive 3D Art Piece

“Flying” Lets You Scale the Sky from Your Own Home or Office

What do you think of when an aircraft’s wheels leave the ground and you’re up in the air? Do you get a sense of freedom from moving at quickening speeds in the sunny, blue sky? Or do you feel adventurous, exploring realms that had previously been unavailable to humankind?

Perhaps you feel joy, blissing on peaceful vibes as you head off into a beautiful, stunning sunrise or sunset. Or maybe you’d like to pretend that you’re Snoopy on the lookout for a Red Baron to gun down.

Whatever the case, you can now bring these feelings into your home, office or wherever else you want to reminisce about the good memories you have related to flying -- whenever you like -- through my new piece, “Flying”. The debut artwork from my Assembly Collection is the next best thing to bringing a real airplane into your own home or office. It’s perfect for the pilot who wants to think about flying when they’re not actually zooming about in the sky.


Features of “Flying”

A 47-inch rounded cross between a sculpture and a painting, “Flying” -- which, as an artwork, is a nod to air fighter pilots -- offers a bevy of unique features that conjures up what it’s like to be a master of the air:

  • Real airplane parts: “Flying” has a pilot’s headset from a working aircraft, a propellor that you can spin, a fuselage from a vintage Buffalo turbine, and a clock in the engine component. If flying is what you love to do, this piece will allow you to revisit your passion in the comfort of your own dwelling as often as you’d like.
  • Painterly textures: The back component of this visual artwork is oil painted on wood. This brings to mind the elegant delight of looking at the beauty of a hazily cloudy blue sky.
  • Glossy sunrise or sunset: The middle component showcasing the rising or setting sun (your choice) is made from mixed media on an aluminum panel, coated with a resin finish. It looks and feels like thick glass. This adds a shine to the piece, making it appear as though you’re looking out a rounded window at dawn or dusk.



An Immersive Experience

This 3D piece is interactive, giving you the ability to think about flying without leaving the comfort of your recliner. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while you spin the propeller and glance at the layered sky -- you can then leave the rest up to your imagination.

The handcrafted labour that went into building “Flying” into a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind experience is expressed in these pictures:



View “Flying” Today: Book a Video Tour.

Trigger the wonderful feeling of flying through the air with your friends in your living room or office simply by purchasing “Flying”.

But “Flying” is not just perfect for the armchair cockpit pilot’s living room. If you’re a corporate buyer or interior designer, “Flying” would make a great centrepiece for a boardroom or office. If you want to let yourself soar up into the air without leaving the ground, and think “Flying” is complimentary to your home or office, contact me today to book a tour of "Flying" by Facetime or Skype.