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Bringing your vision to life

As a designer, you know that the right art piece can serve many functions. It can provide a colour palette, or complement an existing palette. It can support a design theme and provide a focal point and texture. Most importantly, it can create an emotional connection with the viewer and the space.

Your progressive residential customers are demanding your art selection match their taste in art, complement the style of the environment, and match colours and size.

Your discerning commercial clients are insisting your selected art piece must support the company image, match the style of the environment, and it must be in the right colours and size.

Selecting the right art pieces can be difficult and time consuming, and very quickly overwhelming.

We are here to help.

We publish monthly collections of original art for progressive and discerning clients. The collections include a series of only 8-10 pieces sharing a subject matter, a style, a colour palette, and a medium. Each piece engages the viewer to open a new emotional connection or recollect and emphasize a familiar one, like good music does.

Below are 3 examples from our collections.

These are not for everyone

You will not see cat pictures, not that there is anything wrong with cats. You will not see portraits of celebrities, pretty sunsets, or super realistic animals posing in nature.

You will see large and colourful abstracts that inspire the imagination, bold mixed media pieces that look like they are on glass, 3D assembly pieces from vintage components, large collages, abstracted cityscapes and landscapes, and minimalist poppies. Our contemporary art pieces are bold, colourful and unique, bringing instant life to both residential and commercial spaces such as offices, lobbies, boardrooms, restaurants and retail stores. Employing different media and techniques, many pieces are also available in series for multiple rooms and locations.

You are most welcome to browse the collections, and we suggest you subscribe to our free Artist Method newsletter. You will receive previews of our monthly collections of 8-10 pieces where you can easily determine if there are pieces of interest. You will also be eligible for our monthly giveaways, and special discount offers. You will also receive behind the scenes looks into upcoming pieces, and insights on the process and methods that drive upcoming collections.

We guarantee that in time you will find many pieces of interest that will make your most demanding clients and you very happy. If you find the collections not to your taste simply unsubscribe at any time.

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