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Monica's Plaster of Paris Bandages for Sculptures

Build your own sculptures.

Yes you can now build your own Exterior or Interior sculptures.

Tired of finding the same old over priced sculptures for your garden or home? The ones that everyone else has?

Want to show off your do-it-yourself style?

Well you now can.

We too wanted our own sculptures. We wanted them to look like metal or stone but we were concerned about working with materials like bronze and granite that we clearly did not have the tools, the studio space, and skills to work in. Not to mention the price.

After a lot of research we found two methods that would be suitable to our tools and skills, not cost too much money, and that we could do in the backyard or even on the driveway.

Method 1 involves building a wooden frame and applying chicken wire to make the shape. Once the shape is complete we applied plaster bandages in layers and let it set. So now we have a sculpture that looks the way we want it to look but is not suitable for exterior applications. Working quickly we coated the structure with an epoxy resin mixture. Once dry and cured the surface can be painted with any high quality primer and colour exterior latex paint. These are now suitable for exterior year round display in any climate. We have several that look great after many Canadian winters.

The second method is similar in the outer coatings of plaster bandages, epoxy resin and paint, but starts off with recycled Styrofoam. Inexpensive, light and durable the sculpture can be shaped by adding elements to the general shape. This calls for some small skewer sticks and glue to apply the components and shape your sculpture. Once shaped the sculpture is coated with a few layers of plaster bandages and later the epoxy resin and paint is applied.


We like building large outdoor sculptures. Some are over 8 feet tall. The challenge was to secure enough inexpensive plaster of paris bandages to make the project feasible.

So we secured a lot of plaster bandages for everyone that would like to make their own indoor and outdoor sculptures and we are making them available at very reasonable cost.


They come in packages of 10, 50, 100, and 1,000 rolls 4” by 106” ( 8.85’), (10 cm by 2.7 meters). They are individually wrapped and sealed in zip lock bags. Just need to cut them with a knife or scissors, dip them in warm water and apply. They are creamy in texture allowing the formation of fine details and a smooth finish.They are 100% fine knit cotton gauze enfuzed with a lot of plaster of paris so they can be easily textured. Setting time is about 10 minutes depending on temperature. Each roll covers about 3 square feet, but multiple coats are recommended.

 Choose a package that suits your project. Each roll applied in 3 layers will cover about 1 square foot. So a 10 Pack about 10 square feet, a 50 Pack about 50 square feet, a 100 Pack about 100 square feet, and a 1,000 Pack about 1,000 square feet.

The 10 Pack The 50 Pack The 100 Pack

The 1,000 Pack

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