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"Hi I am Big Brain, How are you?"

"Hi I am Big Brain, How are you?"

This is a monoprint, a single print, applied and formed only once. This type of art is very risky as you have no room for correction, you only get one chance, and the image is guided by something inside you, you are not sure of at all. At the same time it's a great discovery of yourself. Yes I created that. Where did it come from?
This piece is called "Hi I am Big Brain, How are you". If you have ever been in any academic circles you will have encountered this phenomena. Some professors that can't walk and chew gum are like this, as are writers, poets, musicians, actors, artists, and all sorts of other not quite ordinary folks. Got to love them, they are so gifted in many ways. Ways that help us see new ideas, and not so much gifted in other ways.

Oil on black cardboard monoprint, 4" by 4" in 10" by 10" white frame with black cloth matte. Done in 2016.