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I met Kate at a bar. A friend of a friend was having an art exhibition opening. Four of us were at a table, and then it was just Kate and I. We talked about education and about making a difference. Contributing, doing something new, changing the world for the better.

I found out Kate was a very hard working graduate student. She already has a sizeable set of publications. She is smart, determined, with a bright future.  She is the future. She made a comment about achievements that I’m certain would be true for any generation: “No one wants the truth about what it takes.”

This is a collaboration between myself, Kate and her friend Erik Stolpmann, who took the original photograph.

And just recently she was offered and was accepted to the PhD program in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto.

“Kate” mixed media on aluminum panel with thick acrylic finish, looks like glass, 15” by 15”. Framed in custom espresso frame. Done in 2018.

"Kate" can be seen at the Art House Cafe. 555 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5K1