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Lac Bureau

"Lac Bureau". This is a lake known for rainbow trout. It's in Quebec near Val des Bois. I have fished it for many decades. Rainbow trout are choosy. Sometimes they bite like crazy, sometimes they don't bite at all, for hours or days. There are a few memorable times on Lac Bureau when the rainbows were biting. One such time, on a spring afternoon, there were three of us in an aluminum boat. Fred, Bill, and I. We were fishing the "hole" with worms and bobbers.  Bobbers and worms are not sophisticated but a lot of fun when big fish are biting. And that spring day we pulled out 15 rainbows all around 4 lbs.

This is the swampy end of the lake in the fall.

Mixed media on aluminum panel with thick acrylic finish. Looks like glass. 18” by 24”.  Mounted in wooden floating frame.