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"Soul of the Machine"

People born between WWI and the present day have experienced more change than all of humanity before them. World wars, rapid technological advancements, globalization, the rise of consumerism... But current and future generations will experience even faster rates of change. How do you prepare them for that?

One coping mechanism will be getting these future generations to think for themselves.

Given that you are competing against an inescapable army of highly effective marketing machines, encouraging independent thought is no small feat. Kids growing up in today's society are bombarded with distractions and new "shiny things" every few seconds. At the same time, we are monitored by every entity possible. Why? Because we are an economic force to be marketed to.

The late David Bowie sang, "I'm afraid of Americans". Not me. I'm only afraid of people bound by their own ignorance. Don't get me wrong -- I'm no smarter than next guy, but the willingness to learn and think for yourself can only benefit us and our big beautiful planet.

Mixed Media on aluminum panel abstract, 30" by 30", done in 2015. Lacquered with clear acrylic finish. Looks like thick glass with rounded edges. Ready for hanging without a frame.